Monday, 8 March 2010

Epiworld Now On Print Ready Template

Yesterday I copied Epiworld's text onto a print ready template I need to upload and publish it; that is 6 x 9 inch novel format, with the correct pagination (blank first page, lower case roman numerals up until ch. 1, then page 1 onwards, and two blank pages at the end). I've derived the template from 'Abbie's Rival' because although my Word skills are good (I have ECDL, don't you know!) one thing I do have a problem with is pagination of sections within a document; it always makes me pull my hair out! I tried doing it from scratch on the original, but the page numbers wouldn't do as they were told! Some were on the bottom, some were on the top, so I thought, right...! Can't be bothered messing around with this. Section pagination seems trickier in Word 2007, some of the options seem different! Although I'm saving in 97-2003 .doc compatibility format (Lulu can't cope with 2007 .docx) you still have to navigate through the 2007 ribbon, and it's harder to decipher the instructions; but like most things, it's practice. I'll just need to practise section pagination on a blank document.

The other problem I had was the copy/paste from the original to the template made the formatting go all weird on me, so I had to copy chapter by chapter and reformat carefully when I needed to. It took nearly an hour! Now I can continue editing on the print-ready file.

Now I have more page numbers than I wanted, currently to 172 pages, and the more pages you have, the more expensive it is to produce the book. The other thing I want to do is to make each chapter start on an even page number.

So I have two days off. I'm going to do more editing, and find more image ideas for Keithie to use on the cover.

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