Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Big Brother: 26,962 Words And Counting...

...but I don't think it'll be finished until 2012 now!

I started writing Big Brother in November 2010. It's now July 2011! Where has this year gone? I've done my best to write as much as I can every night after work, but sometimes I don't write much, if anything. Sometimes I can't be bothered. I do most of my writing at the weekend. Then you have you go on holiday, and get ill with horrible colds, go out and do things, do the shopping...hang on, this is in danger of turning into that Jasper Carrott joke about how long you've got left to live after you've spent three months on the toilet, so I'd better stop!

Earliest guess-timation finish time is now November this year, a year after I started. It won't be finished even then, though, because after all the revisions there's the nagging I have to do to get Keith to design the cover! I warned him last week. He said he couldn't wait!

I'm selling some copies of Goalden Girl on Kindle, and thinking of putting Abbie's Rival onto Kindle soon, too. I've had more sales in the UK than the US. The German Kindle version isn't selling yet, though; I had an interesting discussion with a German writer on the Kindle forum about why the English-language books aren't selling yet. He asked why should German people read English books on Kindle when they could read German books? I replied he'd made too sweeping a statement: there are Brits living in Germany and Germans living in the UK, and anyway it's a fact that Europeans understand and read English better than most English people can read German. He was a case in point: he'd been able to read the discussion and reply in good English so what was stopping him from reading an English book?

It's Wednesday, I've had a long bath, it's 9 pm and I've just written this blog post. That's enough writing for tonight!

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