Tuesday, 27 April 2010

'Epiworld' Deadline Missed! Now Aiming For May 2010!

I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now!

I've had to move my publishing deadline from April 2010 to May, because I can't pin Keith down on the cover. He's done it, and it looks great, but he wants to rebuild it again because he's not happy with the back. For the first time I'm going to upload a one piece cover, and I've written the blurb for the back - it's just waiting for him to finish it on Photoshop! The trouble is he's spending a lot of time at his computer at work, and it's giving him neck ache; also he's busy working on his car restoration. I hate nagging, but if he doesn't get his finger out soon...!

So while I'm waiting I'm doing some final checks, common homophone errors (they're, their, there etc), punctuation, hyphenated words, apostrophes, etc; but I am getting a bit fed up now, and I want to get my hands on a proof copy!

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