Saturday, 10 December 2011

BOOOOO! Here Comes The Rubbish Bit: The Editing!

OK, so Big Brother is FINALLY FINISHED!


Now comes the editing!


Big Brother is going to be difficult to edit, because it was difficult to write in the first place. I'm not happy with it in its current state, and until I am happy with it, it won't be published! There are scenes which are disjointed in my view, so I need to make sense of them. Also I need to check a few facts before I put them in the public domain. Also in my opinion the book isn't yet GORY enough!

Anyway, if you would like to make my main characters, here they are:

ASH TENNANT: comes from Bristol originally, but has been forced to move to Liverpool, where his mum was born, after his parents split up. Rhonda, his mum, is a junkie, an alcoholic and works as a prostitute to make ends meet. Ash's dad is in Amercia. So far Ash has managed to keep social services at bay, but he is bullied at school because of his mum's behaviour and because he talks with a different accent. He's the favourite target of gang brothers, Lee and Lucas Jessop.

BIG BROTHER: a mysterious figure with strange, unusual powers Ash meets through Twitter and who wants to help Ash beat the bullies whether Ash likes it or not.

DAMIEN MACINTYRE: or Dammymac as he is more commonly known, another bully and a mate of Lucas Jessop who's been in a young offenders' prison, and who Big Brother particularly wants to punish.

LUCAS JESSOP: Younger brother of Lee Jessop and Dammymac's mate, who, as far as Big Brother is concerned, hasn't atoned for his sins.

Oh, yeah, it's going to be hard work, but it should all come together by late January at the earliest!

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