Wednesday, 15 June 2011

If Word 2007 Doesn't Stop Playing Silly Beggars Bill Gates Gets It!

I have my ECDL Level 2 qualification and I passed all of my Microsoft Office 2007 applications, but Word 2007 is doing something weird and is being a pain in the derriere.

Can't format a first paragraph to remove an indent without it mucking up all of the other paragraphs and creating weird double line spacing on some pages! Never had this trouble with 2003, it always behaved itself! Wondering also if Windows 7 has anything to do with it. I get that strange refreshing circle and everything goes wonky! I've kept my paragraph mark symbol on but there's no strange formatting going on.

So I've had to ask someone on a tech support forum, 'cos I haven't a clue what it's doing or what I'm doing wrong, if anything! It's wasting my time, can't get on with Big Brother if it keeps messing up like this!


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rkfinnell said...

I refuse to pay for Word so I use Open Office.