Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's Hard To Write When You're Enjoying Yourself!

So I said to myself, I've got two weeks in sunny Menorca to write at least half of chapter seven of Big Brother. We took Keith's laptop instead of mine - it's lighter and he had to keep to a 20 kg suitcase limit - but that plan depended on me sitting by the pool all day typing away. No such luck! Keith isn't one for lying by the pool or on the sand worshipping the sun. His feet start to tap and he gets bored, even when he has his book or is listening to his ipod. Well, I'm not a great sun-worshipper myself, really, although we were in the water virtually every day, but only after walking in the morning and waiting for the pool or the sea to warm up in the afternoon. Of course we hired a car and explored the island. I'm not sorry we did, either. Menorca is a beautiful island, unspoilt in many places, including our resort, Cala Galdana, but I'm aware now that it's June, the year has half gone, and I wanted to publish Big Brother this year! I was wondering if I would be able to do any writing whilst I was away at all!

Then I discovered the notepad app on my android phone. I was unsure about using it, though, because I didn't know how much data it could hold, not that I was expecting to write very much. As it turned out I wrote a grand total of five hundred words in two weeks!

Not very good, really, was it?

Come on, though, I was in dire need to let my hair down, I've worked hard all year trying to juggle jobs and writing, I needed a break! And I was good, really, I only had three cocktails - half a bottle of wine every night with dinner, and some pints at lunchtime after the odd walk in 28 degree heat! Yeah, I ate and drank too much, and now I'm on a diet! I'm lovely and brown, though! We've brought back some great photos and hilarious memories, like Keith trying to pay for lunch with Norwegian Kroner instead of Euros (he thought he had the Euros left over from our holiday in Madeira a year ago, when in fact he had Kroner left over from our Norwegian cruise two years ago!), him getting stung by a jellyfish in Cala Pregonda in the north of Menorca, and me being blasted by the back jet in the hotel spa, loving every minute!

Still, I remembered to leave some promotional bookmarks in the hotel library.

Now I'm back home, I can get down to transferring what I did manage to jot down from the android onto my own laptop, whilst in the middle of applying for another job, doing the mountain of holiday washing, and vacuuming the sand out of the suitcases and the rucksacks. With any luck I'll get chapter 7 finished by the end of next week, but I've had to make a post-holiday resolution: I've got to finish this book, have it edited and proof-read, by the end of September at least or I'm going to miss my deadline to complete in 2011!

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