Friday, 9 April 2010

My Deadline For Publishing Epiworld Has Arrived!

It's now April 2010, the month I wanted to publish Epiworld.

I'm onto proof read number three, but I am starting to fret about the cover. My husband isn't doing much on it! If anything! I have an idea what I want, and he wants to do it in Photoshop, but he's up the wall with computers at the moment, they're misbehaving for him at work, and he's more concerned with his Triumph Herald restoration! The bonnet and the bumpers are in a state (he's only been working on this thing since 2005!)

I asked him if he could do any work on my cover this weekend, and all I got was a grunt in reply!

If I could do it myself in Photoshop I would, but it would take me ages to learn!

It's going to be May at this rate! If I'm lucky!

Meanwhile I have another review for Abbie's Rival which I've posted on my AR page. It's from the Premier Reviews site:

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