Saturday, 15 January 2011

Big Brother Underway: There Will Be Football!

Haven't done a Scribbler post in a while, because I've been busy marketing Epiworld and job-hunting. With the recession biting the UK hard, and being on the wrong side of a certain age, it's been hard finding anything, but I've finally managed to get a long-term contract doing some cataloguing. It's not local, either, it's in Wales, across that bridge (hate it!), and the petrol will cost a small fortune, but it's all I've been able to find. I'm just waiting for a start date now.

Meanwhile sales of Epiworld have been good, and more people have been interested in reviewing it. All reviews have been positive, although why a few people bothered to review it is strange when they state it's not the kind of genre they read! Still, I think I may have discovered a feeling for sci-fi/fantasy writing, although I've been urged to write more football books which I fully intend to do. Abbie's Rival is a nice story, but hasn't appealed to that many people; Goalden Girl has appealed, and Epiworld has found interest in the epilepsy aspect. Well, they do say to write about what you know! :) The other good news about Epiworld is that the Amazon thumbnails were finally resolved thanks to help from Keith.

Now I'm onto Big Brother, near the end of chapter two now. It's been a slow start because of the job-hunting, but I'm back into it again. It's another sci-fi story, but there will be football! It's also written in the third person past tense which will mean I ought to complete it a lot sooner than Epiworld. Not sure I want to write in first person present tense again, that was a mare! I have set myself a target date of September 2011 to complete it.

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