Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New 'Professional' Blog. Meh!

OK, no more rants!

Keithie (the bore!) says I'm not being professional. I'm here to promote my books, not moan about insurance companies! So here it is, redesigned, from scratch. I've also deleted all my old grumbles from 2007-2010; well I suppose I have to do some housekeeping; I mean who wants to read three years of whingeing?

(Quite a lot of people, actually; sigh!)

Having said that, it's a poor life if you can't complain about things sometimes! There are aspects of this book lark which do get on my - er, up my nose!

Anyway, I've given the blog a new name. Catchy, eh? Well, I do scribble - on a keyboard!

Back to Epiworld, I think I may just make my April deadline - the END of April, that is. I've had to rewrite chunks of chapters 6-9 as I wasn't happy with them, but I've sailed through 10. Only seven more to go, then it's the proof reading...!

I've finally deleted my account from Google Adwords with my book adverts on. It doesn't seem to do anything for me, I never saw my adverts anywhere, although Google was happy to take £22 from me this month! Waste of money, and a rip-off!

A while ago I posted a review request for Abbie's Rival on a site called Sabrina Reviews, and someone in the US has requested a copy. I must be a bit more proactive with Epiworld. Meanwhile via Twitter, I approached the Live_Reads promotion from the Liverpool Daily Mail last week, and they said to send excerpts of Goalden Girl and Abbie's Rival they might include in an ebook.

They might!

Meanwhile, I'm in the process of giving Keithie ideas for book covers for Epiworld...he wants to know what it's about, but he'll only laugh!


Jewellery By Shalini said...

Excellent! :-)

Im_P said...

Very professional.

I'll miss the rants, but I'll look for them on Twitter. :P