Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Big Brother: Gore Galore!

It looks like Big Brother is shaping up to be both a sci-fi and a bit of a horror young adult novel.

Suddenly I seem to have found a bit of a taste for bloodlust, I don't know why. My main character, Ash, is going to be a vigilante, sorting out local crime with the help of a mysterious, initially unwanted coordinator, Big Brother, who has an agenda of his own...but I'm not going to say what that is!

I'm on chapter three and already there's blood and guts and stuff. And somehow I've got to slot the football in!

No vampires, though, sorry.

It's coming on slowly. I always find it difficult to get started on a book until I know where it's going, but I hope to be on chapter four by the end of next week. As usual it won't be a very long book, about eighteen chapters is a rough estimate at the moment. I can't afford to produce huge tomes, and I don't want to bore my readers! :D

Meanwhile Epiworld is still selling here and there and I'm waiting for more reviews. The odd copy of Goalden Girl is selling, too, but Abbie's Rival has slowed right down: I don't think there's much call for feel-good girly books these days.

And I've redesigned my blog, as my Twitter friend Shalini nagged at me to make it stand out a bit more. It didn't work very well with a background image, though, and Keith said don't bother, so I've kept it plain and simple.

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