Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Epiworld Is Published And Starting To Appear On Online Store Lists - And I've Already Sold A Copy!

What a mare!

I was due to go away to Shetland on July 2nd, so two weeks before Epiworld was done and dusted. I uploaded it onto the Lulu site and bought an approval copy - then they sent me a letter saying they couldn't RIP (print) it because of an error with my pdf file!

The pdf is created using Lulu's program, but they tried to say there was a problem with my file and pdf creation, and didn't they just send me instructions on how to create a pdf?! So I argued and eventually they refunded my money. Acting on advice I deleted the content and cover file, re-uploaded them and tried to get another copy a couple of days before I was due to go away. This time it worked! The book was fine so I approved it, and now it's for sale on all Amazon sites. I'm waiting for the cover image and synopsis to be uploaded, but I've already sold a copy on Amazon.co.uk!

My press release is ready to be sent out, but being on holiday has held me up a bit, so I'll send that out gradually to various sites and newspapers. I've also posted some promotional postcards I had made up with the cover image on the front, but I need to send some more.

Marketing is the worst bit of all! And I'm having the summer off before I start Big Brother in October!

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Anonymous said...

Good news about EPI.

I am sure it will be a success.