Saturday, 26 May 2012

Big Brother Is Ready To Go!

Keith's done me proud on the cover!

The eyes represent Big Brother himself, the picture below is a hospital corridor, as much of the action is played out in a hospital setting, and the back image is an aerial view of Liverpool. Don't worry; all photographic contributors have been acknowledged with copyright in the book!

I can now get on with designing Big Brother's page on my site.

I've uploaded the files and sent off for my first proof. I usually ask for about three proofs before I'm completely satisfied with the text and that there are no typos, they're so easy to miss!

The estimated publication date is sometime in July now, thanks to all the family problems I've had recently, but it's not bad going. Once that's out of the way I can finish off putting Abbie's Rival and Epiworld onto Kindle, as readers are nagging at me to get on with it!

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Shalini Austin Metalsmith said...

LOVE the cover! Really looking forward to reading Big Brother Tracey :-)