Saturday, 22 September 2012

Oh, Come On! The Eight Weeks Are Nearly Up!

Big Brother should have filtered through to Amazon and other sites by now! I didn't have to wait this long for my other books.

There's no sign of it on Nielsen Bookdata, either.

I've had no word of it being rejected for distribution, so the format must be all right. I've followed all the rules. The ISBN is there, the copyright info is there.

What's the hold up, then, eh?

Patience exhausted! Tch.

So while I wait I could get on with other things.

Like promoting my other works; I've been lax with that of late, but then I've had family problems to contend with. I have to update my Goalden Girl page on my site for a start. I have to finish getting Abbie's Rival onto Kindle, and I have to get myself onto the Independent Author's Network.

Hard brain work coming up. Meh.

Can't do it next Tuesday, though. It's my birthday, I have the day off work, and it's going to be a 'me' day - bottle of wine and a good film! 

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