Sunday, 24 February 2013

Getting The Word Out There

This week I got myself and my books listed onto the Independent Author Network which I hope will give them more exposure. As I've said in the past it's important for indie authors to get listed on as many book promotion sites as possible, even if sometimes you do have to pay. I'm also a member of the Independent Author Index. Both sites charge a reasonable amount for membership and there are extra services if you want them, but you are by no means obliged to take them up on their offers.

What I like about them is that they encourage authors to use Facebook and Twitter as much as possible to promote the pages you have on their sites. I don't have any difficulty with that, especially not with Twitter (which I've always favoured over Facebook because the possibilities of reaching our to more people. OK, I know I tweet about the football a lot but there is a warning on my profile about this, people can't complain!). I've found I've gained more retweets with IAN and IAI.

I've listed my books on other sites, too, but these are free:

Manic Readers (you can ask for reviews here, and I was going to until I realised the readers are mainly interested in romance and erotica!)
Polka Dot Banner
Book Pinning
Book Matches

That list is just a drop in the ocean. Readers are spoilt for choice for the number of promo sites out there and authors are competing with one another for their attention. Whether listing books will lead to more sales is anybody's guess, but if you don't try you don't get, and I know by the traffic that they've sent people to view my site. We indies have a lot to thank the t'intenet for! I've even discovered the possibilities of Google+!

Meanwhile the Big Brother bookmarks are ready to send out at last and so far I have sent out twenty to willing readers who still favour the paperback or the hardback over the e-reader.

Goalden Sky is coming along nicely, I only wish I had more time to write it instead of having to drag my backside off to my day job and spending most of my time worrying about my mum! But I'm determined to have it finished this year, pain in the arse mother or no pain in the arse mother! :)

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