Sunday, 16 June 2013

Will Gemma, Tyrone and Daz Be In Goalden Sky?

The other day I received an email to say someone had posted a comment on one of my previous blog posts about Goalden Sky:

'Hi, I liked Gemma in Goalden Girl but now it is about Portia it has kind of put me off. Will it have Gemma, Tyrone and Daz in it?'

Let me begin by saying sorry to Anon. Y. Mous, I can't publish your comment 'cos the comment publishing thingy isn't working, soz, but in answer to your question: yes. Gemma, her dad, Tyrone and Daz are all still there, as are Tom and Lizzie Cassidy (Portia's half-siblings). The only person missing is Shelley, Portia's mum and Gemma's hated step-mother. At the end of Goalden Girl she lost a baby and went into a deep depression, so she left Gemma's dad. In Goalden Sky they're divorced and although she's mentioned we don't see her. The role of big, brassy, gob-on-legs with the short skirts now falls to Jackie, Shelley's sister and Tyrone's mum.

There is still the main football theme. Gemma will still play, but her dad wants her to study for exams in case her plans for a football career doesn't work out, so the focus has shifted to Portia because she wants to be a footballer, too. She has lost a lot of weight and has had help with her bulimia. When she starts at Naylorsfield School with Gemma she is keen to get into the Junior Girls' football team, but then...

And that's yer lot. You'll have to read the book to know the rest!

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