Saturday, 11 January 2014

There's No More Blogger ... :(

Well, that's not entirely true. Going to keep this blog going for my regular rabbiting stuff as there's historical info here I don't want to lose. My new website is now up and running and I've set up a permanent link to this blog from there on the side bar, too (on the Blogger badge!) Thank God. Ploughed on and got it done.

Annoyingly as I removed the other blogs I noticed I could have linked my personal domain name with Blogger. Oh, well...

And so Blogger as my 'website' is now no more. Everyone is now redirected to Didn't take me as long to finish it as I imagined. I like the menu thingy, it looks simple, and it is, but it had to have a background. Looked a bit too plain before I put that on. I like the one I've chosen. I've also set up a Google Adwords campaign for it (they objected to the term 'young adults', said it was suggestive of porn!! so I had to change that to teens!) which is under review, but hopefully that will also get people to check it out.

So I hope to see you on my new site. x

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