Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Did I Keep To My Summer Resolutions?

Er...OK, so I had plans while the footie was on a break. I planned to:

1. Finish Goalden Sky
2. Upload Epiworld to Kindle
3. Design my web page

'Fess up time: I did none of those things, and the new Premier League season is upon us. Liverpool FC is taking over my common sense yet again. I still have a way to go with Goalden Sky, but I can say it won't be long now. If it's not published by Christmas you can fire me. Actually Epiworld is halfway uploaded to Kindle, I only have a few more chapters left, but I'm doing it long handed using Notepad and html. Well, it's easier for me to do it that way. Mobipocket doesn't work for me, I find it a tad rubbish. As soon as it's done, though, I'll announce it to the world. There's a bank holiday coming up this weekend...!

Why did I fail in my summer resolutions?

Summer holiday yet again. Two weeks in Guernsey, the sun was crackin' the flags. I took my laptop to do some writing, but by the time I'd finished the day's coastal walk I was too Donald Ducked to write a postcard. I think I managed a page over the whole two weeks.

New six month contract job straight after the holiday. You know how knackering a new job can be, especially if it involves a lot of screen work as this one does. No writing except at the weekend or my day off. If I won the lottery...!

I haven't looked at Wordpress yet (no time) so I haven't got round to looking at the way I want to design my web site. 

Now the holiday is over and that excuse has gone. Four weeks into my new job and I'm getting used to it and I'm starting to scribble in the evening again now. I'm also still trying to push Big Brother and I am pleased to report it has sold quite well and I have collected six reviews. I got one two star review on by someone who bought the wrong book and thought it was too violent! Good...means I wrote enough gore, I was worried it was too tame!

So I'd better finish the current chapter of Goalden Sky and start on the next...

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