Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Keep Twisting, I'm Carrying On

Kobo: they can jog on. Won't bother trying to upload my books to them again. Kindle's better, anyway.

WH Smith: well, if they haven't seized the Kobo ebook scandal as an opportunity to get rid of all SP and small press titles off their catalogue, let them come out and deny it. As well as my Kobo title, ALL my print books have gone from their site now. In fact, after they had redesigned their site, I noticed my three earlier titles had already vanished. Big Brother has gone, now, too. Twist the knife in even further, why not? Well, I don't need WH Smith, either; and I'll be buying my Christmas cards elsewhere this year.

Meanwhile, I've had a look at the sites where I got my past reviews. Half of them have gone to the wall, making me glad I copied them to my blog! So I'm going through the links to see if they still work, and if they don't I have to state they're no longer online. Another kick in the nether regions! When you can't get Joe Public to give you a review these sites are all you have left.

Speaking of the blog, now is the time I really must start to think about turning it into a proper website. Yeah, I know, I keep saying it, but today I have my first Wordpress lesson...gulp.

Goalden Sky is coming to the end of its first edit. I've jotted down a rough synopsis, so I'll publish that soon, and give it to Keith so he can think about the cover.

Epiworld is on Kindle, and Big Brother is coming to Kindle soon, too.

Nuts to Kobo and WH Smith, they're not going to stop me from publishing my books!

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