Monday, 25 November 2013

My New Website Is On Its Way Soon, Promise!

OK, so my friend Shalini suggested: 'Create your website using Wordpress.' as she has a lovely one except I've never used Wordpress, so my husband Keith said: 'You will need to learn.' (No sht, Sherlock!)

So I found an online course, and I am in the process of learning, but I kind of jumped the gun. I found out how to direct the Wordpress link to a proper domain, told it my domain - and forgot I didn't have a blessed domain name! Then I had to buy a domain name. I chose GoDaddy for no particular reason other than it was the first site that came up on the Google search. Here it is, Exciting, isn't it? Well, no, not really.There's nothing there 'cos I haven't got to the next stage yet which is to create my website.

Before I do all that I have the hassle and the aggro of connecting the Wordpress nameserver to the GoDaddy nameserver and vice versa. Thank God for the GoDaddy forum! I mean the GoDaddy domain cost me a couple of quid and for the privilege of using it on Wordpress it cost me £13, so it has to work, doesn't it? That in itself is my incentive to get my site finished!

Pity really. I've discovered too late that I can do the same with Blogger, which I'm used to, but let's see how I get on with Wordpress. I've started the lessons now. With any luck the site will be up and running early 2014. I hope I can transfer this blog to Wordpress, too, but one step at a time...

Meanwhile, back at the writing, all my books are now on Kindle, including Big Brother (£1.99, $1.99, Euro 1,99 and priced elsewhere in the world including Australia now!) and people are downloading. I've posted the Goalden Sky description on the front page of this site,given Keithie my ideas for my book will be published in 2014!

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