Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Gettin' Me Head Round Wordpress

Doin' me head in, more like!

Continuing with the online lessons. The domain name is linked now. One aspect I don't like is the navigation of the site. Find it a bit complicated. The next thing I had to do was to choose a theme - a free one, deciding not to fork out any more money than I had already on the domain name and the Wordpress link to it. So I looked for a few and tried them out and, yeah, they're OK, until I decided to change the colours or the font and found out I had to pay! But it was pointed out to me by Keith that people have designed these themes as a business and if they want some money to customise bits then I shouldn't be so stingy. That was telling me! So I chose one, and found out it wasn't so bad, and that I could customise the colours for nothing, even if I was stuck with the fonts.

This is it so far. Bit plain, but I'm working on it http://traceymorait.co.uk/. Not sure about the banner. Might do something else.

Got a headache now with the effort of getting that far so I'm jacking it in for the day and will continue editing Goalden Sky. Update on the Goalden Sky cover: he hasn't even started it, so I'll have to keep nagging! Meanwhile I have this week off work so I'm plugging away at my editing.

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