Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Hopefully Back On Track

March was a month I'd like to forget, what with scares over my Mum's health and then me going down with what the doctor diagnosed as erysipelas, a horrible skin infection that attacked the left side of my face and neck, made my eye swell up, and OMG did the itching drive me doo-lally! My skin was on fire (it's actually known as St Anthony's Fire), I looked like Harvey Two Face from Batman, felt like rubbish, and didn't want to do any work on Goalden Sky, promotion, blogging, or updating my website. Couldn't be arsed, basically.

But three courses of antibiotics later this nasty little infection has hopefully done one at last and I'm back on track. It wasn't the worst case of erysipelas ever seen (don't look at the images on the web, some of them are nasty!) and I look my usual beautiful self again now, lol; well, I thought I did until my new passport landed on the doormat the other day. I had a lovely smile on my old passport, but now thanks to the new stupid rules about not being able to smile now I look like one of Interpol's most wanted. Scary.

What also cheered me up was when Keith announced he'd made a start on my Goalden Sky cover! He has been very busy at work, but he also explained that because he doesn't use it that often, he keeps having to re-learn Photoshop which he uses to do the designing. With any luck, though, I'm hoping Goalden Sky can be published by July at the latest.

And then I can also change the background and avi on my Twitter account!

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